Coraxo promo 2016

Tomi  Toivonen- Vocals, Guitars, Programming

Ville Vistbacka – Drums

Coraxo is an electro metal band from Tampere Finland. The band was formed in Sep 2013.

The idea for the band has been to create something new, a hybrid of old 1970’s ambient electronic music heavily influenced by such masters as Vangelis, Tangerine Dream and Pink Floyd, mated with nordic melodic death and black metal. During 2014, Coraxo released two EP’s, Starlit Flame I and II, that received high praise from the underground media, and eventually landed Coraxo a record deal with the german label Massacre Records. The debut album Neptune is due for worldwide release later in 2015, containing 40 minutes of avantgarde electro, death metal and and prog rock influenced grinding hybrid metal.

Coraxo writes its songs with their own science fiction Universe in mind, telling a story that spans centuries about human race’s encounter with an alien being. This being, called Starlit Flame, consists of an ancient race that trancended their essence into existing beyond physical, but still interacting with the mundane through the nanomachines that house their still lingering corporeal aspects. The being sees mankind as a hindrance to its evolutionary aim to evolve beyond any ties to the physical realm, and seeks to indoctrinate and eventually transform every person living on Earth to a part of its own hive mind. This results in a war between mankind and an enemy that can hide inside anyone, influence them without them even knowing anything about it, in a world of paranoia and propaganda where every person you meet could be the enemy.

The spinetingling story begins when a derelict space craft has been found on a crash course towards the Earth, and a squad of scientists and soldiers is sent to investigate. Soon it will become apparent that the team is not being told the truth about their mission, and something else much more sinister is at play in the dark depths of the ship…

The name “Coraxo” is taken from the enochian occult mythos, and translates as “Thunder”, or “Spirits of Wrath and Judgement”.

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