June 25 2015 New lyric video for the song The Bastion off the upcoming debut album online on Massacre Records channel. Artwork by Chris Panatier.

May 22 2015 Coraxo signs a record deal with german label Massacre Records. ‘Neptune’ due out in Oct 2015 as CD and digital worldwide.

Massacre Records website

Apr 20 2015 Check out the progress of the cover art for Neptune on Chris’ FB page!

Mar 20 2015 Mix of the full length album ‘Neptune’ is done and tracks sent to mastering at Unisound Sweden!

Mar 6 2015 SF2 EP review on Pest Webzine 9/10 …the impact their music could have on the scene, their Scifi Melodic Death Metal is daring, bold and mysterious just like for example Amorphis’ Tales from the 1000 Lakes was at their time…

Feb 4 2015 Recording and mixing of the debut full length debut album has started! Mastering will be done at Unisound as usual. Release date TBA, sometime in October possibly.

Jan 7 2015 Coraxo interview on Project Daybreak

Jan 5 2015 “Starlit Flame II” review on Lords of Metal

…Coraxo are an ambitious, creatively talented band that combine visionary prowess, mature writing skills and technical musicianship…

Jan 2 2015 Coraxo featured artist on Disciples of the Watch podcast!

December 5 2014 Coraxo “Band of the Month” on finnish metal magazine Inferno!

December 2 2014 Review on Brutalism

…there is some great musicianship on show, the use of synths really complements the riffs and doesn’t just float around in the background. It’s brilliantly produced, it sounds great.

November 29 2014 Review on Metal Utopia

I’m sure we’ll hear a lot more from this awesome band. Music like this keeps metal alive!

November 23 2014 Review on Unholy Music

…something new and it’s safe to say they aced it!

November 23 2014 Review on Headbanger Reviews

Mixing together death metal and techno is always a risky…but so far the only band to truly succeed in my eyes is Coraxo

November 20 2014 Review on Wonderbox Metal

…this EP should see them winning over a slew of new fans.

November 18 2014 Review on Reaper Zine

…Something like CORAXO you can not hear every day, and it is very refreshing.

November 10 2014 Review on Metal Temple.

…the music is amazing and meaningful as well – they did here a great job.

November 5 2014 Coraxo Featured Artist on

November 4 2014 Review on Ashladan

November 3 2014 Review on The Pit of the Damned 75/100

October 31 2014 Starlit Flame II review on

I have to give Coraxo credit for taking death metal in an interesting new direction … I could see them paving the way for an entirely new sound.

October 31 2014 Coraxo interview

October 11 2014 New song off the EP ‘Starlit Flame II’ on Soundcloud!

October 10 2014 ‘Starlit Flame II’ is now officially released! Available through Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Shazam, Deezer, Rdio and more!

September 29 2014 Interview on Les Fleurs du Mal

September 18 2014 The first song off the EP, Lanterns (Official Lyric Video)

Official release date will be on 10/10/2014, pre-order through our bandcamp store: Coraxo on Bandcamp

September 11 2014 The EP Starlit Flame II is done! Mastered at Unisound by Dan Swanö again. Release date tba, sometime around Oct.

July 26 2014 The latest mix, sneak peek trailer on Youtube!

July 17 2014 Review on Metal Spirit 8/10

May 9 2014 Review on Infernal Masquerade 86/100

“…delivers seven engaging tracks that will command your full attention. … definitely check out this solid release..”

Mar 22 2014 Review on

“…be open to it’s concept and you will love it and enjoy it just as I have. I give “Starlit Flame” 4 on 5 stars – highly recommend this gem.”

Mar 17 2014 Review on Tempelores Magazine

It’s melodics shine at the times needed, but with the vocals around there is not any question about that Death Metal part of their description. A tasteful mix that works out well…

Mar 16 2014 Review by Artemortifica Reviews

I enjoyed all the surprises and each song kept my interest from moment to moment. Fans of Industrial, experimental and heavy metal will find much to like in this EP.

Mar 7 2014 Review on Sons of Metal podcast at 49:45 on the show.

Feb 11 2014 Review on Behind the Veil

“Starlit Flame” is a very good well prepared work that can be enjoyed and appreciated by the open minded melodic death metal fans…

Feb 4 2014 Review on Vendetta Metal Magazine

‘Starlit Flame’ is definitely something worth checking out for those interested in cyber- and synth-based (death) metal. In terms of creativity, other bands can certainly learn something from this one.

Feb 1 2014 Review on

…Overall, Coraxo’s “Starlit Flame” is an album that I can get behind and feel very comfortable telling people to add it to their collections.

Feb 1 2014 Review on 7.5/10

Jan 27 2014 Review on Metal Temple

…it seems that CORAXO in their brew, has something decent going, providing Death Metal with more than it is.

Jan 25 2014 Review on Metal Undergound Austria 4/5

“Refreshing and with lots of simmering steam the shores are ploughed, crushing down everything with laser swords.”

Jan 23 2014 Coraxo interview on Vents Magazine UK.

Jan 21 2014 Review on Ashladan Belgium

“Starlit Flame is a fun experience for open minded music lovers.”

Jan 19 2014 First review of ‘Starlit Flame’ online here: Wonderbox Metal

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Coraxo has finished recording their debut EP of melodic electro metal.

Recording, mixing and mastering is done for the EP! Mastered at Unisound Sweden by Dan Swanö.

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